I don’t know about you, but I am loving the embroidery trend right now. I’ll take it on everything: tops, bottoms, outwear, bags. When I saw this little denim number at Zara, I automatically liked it. I tried it on as a formality of course, but it was a little bit like conducting a job interview with someone who you already plan to hire. Anyway. I dig it.

This outfit is perfect for casual summer events: concerts, barbecues, shopping, art museums, literally

a n y t h i n g. I wear this casual off-the-shoulder top tucked into shorts, skirts and trousers. It works especially well with high waist bottoms because it’s fitted and easily tuckable. I paired this look with a simple pendant, tan leather sandals and a worn looking tan cross body.

After a mini shoot with my mum we took a stroll downtown, stopping for coffee at a hip new place that just might become my new werk station. Then we both bought novels at our local, small town, “how did you like the memoir you bought last week?” bookstore and zipped home for lunch.