Black, White, and Rad All Over

Two Piece Romper Set– Tobi

Shoes- Forever 21 (similar here)

Necklace– H&M

Rings- H&M (in store, similar here)

Sunglasses- Urban Outfitters (similar here)

Hey, hey! Happy hump day, people. Not that this really applies to me right now considering I’m in a funky limbo between summer school and regular school that involves working some odd shifts and bopping around town. But I know regular humans have steady jobs, so if you are one, you’re halfway there man. Here’s some work attire in your honor.

Just kidding.

I’ve been dying to get my hands on a two piece set all summer long. I know, I know. When you hear the words two piece it’s hard not to envision your grandma and her bunko club decked out in sweater sets and track suits galore. But this is the new age, and two pieces with matching patterns are having a moment right now

I found this one while shopping online at Tobi and I was immediately drawn to the unique shape and print. It’s a bit of a mash up of my previous posts: retro, sporty, and palm print infused. Almost like the grand finale of the summer. The bright whites are separated by an inch or two of skin at the midriff, making for a California cool aesthetic. Also, the deep V neckline on the swingy crop top keeps the look young, but the high waisted shorts keep your momma from wagging a stern finger as you walk out the door.

The shorts and the top both graze your body nicely and flare out at the bottom, and the matching black and white stripes at the neckline and waistband create some varsity vibes. It’s a dressy fabric in a casual cut, which makes for the perfect summer ensemble. This is just an overall fun look to wear-I kept dancing around alleys like a mad woman- my photographer can confirm.

Mules are another trendy piece right now and I felt they were just right for this look. The breezy shoe can make any outfit slightly more sophisticated without being too high-maintenance. It’s a chill girl’s dream.

Finally, I threw on my trusty cat eyes along with a simple gold arrow pendant to compliment the V neck. I also selected a slew of rings with some turquoise accents to add some tiny pops of color without making the outfit any busier.

Wouldn’t wanna distract your co-workers now, would ya?

Just kidding again. But seriously.



Gate Wall Brick

Photos courtesy of Gabby McLemore



Yellow Garage

Mural Close Up

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