Pastels and Palm Prints

Dress- Forever 21 (available in stores)

Wedges– Forever 21

Cuff – H&M

Sunglasses- Urban Outfitters (similar here)

Hey pretty people! This post is a smidge late getting out, I know-I totally jinxed myself at the beginning of my last post- but it’s up now and that’s all that matters, right? I’m glad we cleared that up.

This photoshoot was fun, guys. Let’s set the scene, shall we?

Summer. 2015. Two best friends set out on one deserted college campus, armed with a camera and a mission. Doors that should have probably been locked are left open. Shots are snapped. Getaways are made.

Last weekend I was shopping in Forever 21 with my mom, and I had just about scoured the entire store when I looked down at the small mountain of clothes I had accumulated (I wish I was kidding) and immediately noticed a pattern. They were all black and white. We’re talking TV before Technicolor, Dorothy before she arrives in Oz: it was great until you realized it could get better. And just when I was about to accept my new monochromatic allegiance, I spotted this little pink dime piece on a wall display.

Thank God.

I have nothing against black and white. It’s the epitome of chic after all. But I’m twenty and if Carrie Bradshaw taught me one thing, it’s to have fun with your wardrobe. And that means color, honey.

These days, dresses are kind of getting lost in the shadow of their edgier twin sister, the romper, so I was happy to find one that made me feel like a college girl rather than a flower girl. The silhouette of this piece is somewhere in between bodycon and a shell dress. It’s sexy without being skin tight so you feel fierce and put together without looking trashy or like a Sunday school teacher, ya feel me?

The dress is a sweet shade of pink, almost like a blush color, but the trendy palm print keeps it feeling fresh and young. It’s one of those outfits that really doesn’t require you to do much extra work. Going for a polished look? Throw on some black heels. Wanna keep it casual? Strappy flat sandals girl, you know what to do. The pattern is eye catching, so accessories can be kept to a minimum.

I chose to put my own spin on the outfit by adding a simple gold cuff that plays with proportions. Two thin gold bands are separated by three inches of empty space, adding structure without bulk. It’s kind of like a tribute to a minimalist Cleopatra that never was.

To finish the look off, I pulled my new trusty black wedges out of my closet and shot up from 5’5″ to 5’9″ in less than 5 seconds. That puts me at eye level with Kate Middleton just in case of a royal run in, mind you. (Side note: I have a minor obsession with memorizing the heights of my favorite celebrities.) I wore these in my last post, yes, but they truly can go with anything if you’re not afraid of heights or coming face to face with english duchesses.

Moral of the story: Dresses are fun, pink is rad, and photoshoots are best with a dash of mischief.



orange flower

wall head on sidelong

red c lean

stairs close up bench


laugh chair

bike rack